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Major: Early Childhood Education

Year in School: 4th year

Campus Involvements: President of Bearcats for Israel, IEC(Israel education center) Intern, Hillel Student Board, Teaches Zumba Teacher at the CRC

Fun Fact: Born in Russia, lived in Israel, then moved to Columbus. Speaks fluent Russian and has dual citizenship.

Her Campus: What is your favorite thing about the positions you hold in your organizations?

Liza Vilenchuk: Basically the fact that I get to talk to so many people, reach out and meet all of the people that are leaders in their organizations. They are clearly passionate. I get to hear so many personal narratives which is amazing because it shows who they really are.


HC: Why is it important for you to be involved on campus?

LV: It’s important to me because there are so many resources that people don’t know about and there are tons of organizations that are investing in students. College is the time when you have the opportunity to be a leader; anyone can be a leader!


HC: Balance is key and all any of us can do it try to make it work[which you seem to be doing with all of your involvements!]. How do you keep balance in your busy life?

LV: I try not to stress. There is no point in stressing out. I’m constantly listening to music which I think is what helps me keep calm. I’m a procrastinator but I’m also a morning person so it balances out.


HC: As a 4th year, do you have an pieces of advice for our younger readers?

LV: GET INVOLVED! There were times during college when I wasn’t so involved and I really wish I would have been. It’s important to get out of your comfort zone, I still struggle with this a bit, as everyone does, but I try to keep pushing myself. Also I think people are scared to get involved because they’re afraid of going alone. But 99% of the time someone is going to come up to you and make you feel welcome. The majority of the world is good.

HC: That is such valuable advice! Thank you so much for chatting with me, Liza! P.S. make sure to check out Liza’s guest article all about the controversy of photoshop!



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