A Look into The Female Orgasm Seminar

Walking into the female orgasm seminar, "Sex positive", or as they called it “Female O Songs” (Songs you can O to), played as people started to pile in TUC Great Hall. Kate Weinberg and Marshall Miller started the night off by making an "appropriate" joke: “Some people may ask you to turn your phones off but we ask you to put your phones on vibrate." Trying to loosen the crowd up a little more, they played a clip from “When Harry Met Sally”. This clip illustrated how men assume that women orgasm every time they have sex with them, when in reality (sorry guys) they’re faking it just so the men’s feelings and egos don’t get hurt.Weinberg and Miller then went into detail on what "defines" a women to be a women. They used pictures of vegetables that resemble both male and female genitals to explain that just because an individual's genitals are not that same as yours, does not mean that they are that gender. "You can't tell on the outside what kind of vegetable they have." said Kate Weinberg. Weinberg then went into detail about her experiences with masturbation and sex and how she felt ashamed of it when she should not have. Sex is a beautiful, natural thing that none of us should be ashamed of.

Throughout the seminar, tips were given on having your first orgasm and tips on trans orgasms. They also debunked many female orgasm rumors and explained that female ejaculation is just built up fluid in the urethra sponge, what a vulva (vagina) anatomy actually looks like and where everything is. This included the infamous G-Spot and explaining that there’s no such thing as two types of orgasms for women but two different ways to achieve them. They also explained that no woman, transgender (someone who identifies with a gender they weren’t born as) or cis (someone who identifies with the gender they were assigned with at birth), should feel ashamed of their vulva (vagina). The entire seminar was filled with female (trans and cisgender) positivity both sexual and not, tips on how to achieve your first orgasm and that sex should be about pleasure not looking good (body positivity).

Kate Weinberg and Marshall Miller are two out the four professional sex educators that travel and hold the Female Orgasm Seminar. This is the second year they’ve come to UC (thanks to the LGBTQ center, UC Women’s Center and the Health Center), fingers crossed they come back for a third time.

Here are the first orgasm tips:
1.     Befriend your vulva (find out where everything is)
2.     Touch yourself by yourself (learn how to bring yourself to orgasm)
3.     Touch experimentally, no goal (know how you like to be touched, where and how)
4.     Try some good vibrations (try a vibrator)

Here are the trans orgasm tips (for those who have partners that are trans):
1.     Ask for an introduction (how they like to be identified)
2.     Find out how to touch (how they like to touched, where)