Lips That Last

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The typical college girl has her plate packed full of things to do; from classes, campus activities, jobs, hanging out with friends the list goes on...and on.

Getting ready for a full day means framing your face with your products of choice then heading out, leaving just about no time for touch ups throughout the day. Often times this means finding the right products to withstand a busy schedule. We are here to let you know about one of those products, Rimmel's Provocalips 16HR Kissproof Lip Colour. The Her Campus Cincy team got to try the product and put it to the test. We are the typical busy college girls so trying out the staying power of Provocalips was not too bad of a task. Three of our executive members took the test and let's just say they're more than impressed.

Sarah Ickes

Social Media Director Sarah Ickes wore a deep red version of Provocalips to a holiday family function and could not stop raving about the staying power.

Maddie Huggins

Sam Brown

Editorial President Maddie Huggins and Publicity President Sam Brown opted for shades close to their own lip color and loved how they initially made their lips look naturally pretty. They wore theres during a night on the town full of drinks and dancing, and guess what? When they went home at the end of the night the color stood strong. Sam even woke up the next day with color still pressed into her pout.

So for all the busy ladies out there who have no time for touch ups, check out Rimmel's Provocalips... you won't be disappointed.