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Katie Coburn: Reporter, Editor…She does it all!


Name: Katie Coburn (Kathrine)

Age: 19

Year: Second-year

Major: Double majoring in journalism and communication with a minor in electronic media and a public relations certificate (Still trying to graduate in 4 years lol we’ll see!)

Hometown: I guess technically Whitehouse, Ohio is my hometown because I grew up there after moving to Ohio with my family when I was four years old, but I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and it’s my favorite place. I’d like to eventually move back to Georgia and live in a suburb in the northern part of the state. I visit family in Georgia often. I love everything about Georgia; I just feel at home there. Whitehouse is a small town located about 30 minutes outside of Toledo, so there is a lot of corn and flat land where my parents live. Although peaceful, it’s vastly different than Cincinnati. 

Organizations you are a part of: University Honors Program, McMicken College of Arts & Sciences Student Ambassadors, The News Record, UC Skydiving Club, UC Chapter Society of Professional Journalists, UC honors societies, such as National Society of Collegiate Scholars and Alpha Lambda Delta, and I think that’s all. I was also a Peer Leader for an exploring majors learning community last semester, which was an awesome experience.

Hobbies: I’ve always loved to write, but it wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I realized the outlet in which I enjoyed pursuing such a passion: journalism. After being involved in my high school’s newspaper for two years, I became certain I wanted to involve myself in student media upon arriving to college. Aside from furthering my knowledge and experience in journalism, I enjoy laughing with and loving my family and friends (who doesn’t?), growing in my faith and serving others, being outdoors, learning about different cultures firsthand through traveling, exercising and eating ice cream regardless of the season or temperature (the reason for the necessary exercise). 

Why did you decide to go to UC? The distance from home certainly served as a contributing factor, but ultimately I just felt that UC was the right place for me to be. I couldn’t really see myself anywhere else, and I’m glad I couldn’t, because I haven’t once regretted choosing UC. I’ve fallen in love with the city and am starting to recognize the vast opportunities Cincinnati has to offer. It’s a great place to learn and grow as a journalist. I also thoroughly respect and am grateful for the journalism department’s faculty and staff at UC, because from my experience thus far, they truly value contributing to my education and growth as a journalist. 

You’re the news editor for The News Record. How did you first get involved with the publication? And what has you’re experience been like being an editor? Eager to become involved in student media upon arriving to UC, I became involved with The News Record as a contributor and then staff reporter as a freshman journalism student in the fall semester of 2013. With the goal of eventually serving as a desk editor, I served as the news desk editor for the duration of my second year at UC. The News Record provided a great learning experience upon which I will continue to build. My favorite part was guiding the new contributors and staff reporters. I think it’s important to have the support and guidance of someone throughout a learning experience such as The News Record, because it enhances the students’ potential to grow. My dad always taught me to leave something better than the state in which you found it, so that’s just what I try to do. I believe that spending the extra effort and time to share your learned knowledge with new reporters makes all the difference in their growth as journalists. I wouldn’t presently know what I know about journalism now if it wasn’t for the various teachers and experiences that taught me, so who am I to keep from sharing this with others?

What advice would you give to other girls interested in writing for The News Record or becoming editors? Although it can be extremely intimidating to try something new and get involved in an organization of which you have no prior experience, go for it anyways. With nothing to lose, you’re bound to take something positive from it. The News Record is a great opportunity to hone your journalism skills beyond what you learn in class, as well as broaden your campus connections. I started reporting for The News Record during my first year at UC and became a news desk editor the following year. You can do it, too. It’s a learning experience, one that serves as a foundation to then build upon and grow. Just give it your best shot and see what happens. I never met a person who regrets at least trying. 

What is your dream career? I enjoy writing and serving others, and one day I hope to be able to incorporate these two passions into a career. So, as long as I’m able to live my passion of journalism and help people along the way, I’ll be more than happy. Though I’m not exactly sure which avenue of journalism I want to follow, I’m really interested in investigative journalism. But honestly, as long as it involves writing, I’m sold. I live by the belief that it will always be okay no matter life’s circumstances, so I’m willing to go wherever God takes me, and trust that I’ll be just fine wherever that happens to be. 

What is your favorite part of Cincinnati? There’s so much of Cincinnati that I have yet to explore, so for now my favorite part of the city is the city itself. I love being so close to the heart of the city and having access to all it has to offer. 

What is your favorite restaurant on Campus and why? Well on campus specifically I’m a huge supporter of Chick-Fil-A because of its southern origin, my cousin works for corporate and my ardent love for chicken. However, right off campus on Ludlow Avenue there’s an affordable, adorable diner called Proud Rooster: The Chicken Man. And that hidden gem of a greasy fried chicken joint will forever have a special place in my heart — and stomach. If you want to go even further off campus, Holtman’s Donuts in Over-The-Rhine is the place to go. (Wow I sound like a super healthy individual. Hahahaha.)

You’re going to be a junior next semester. Have you landed any interesting internships yet? This summer I’m excited to complete my first official internship with UC Magazine. Although this will be my first internship, I plan to complete multiple so that I can explore journalism’s various avenues and career opportunities. 

What advice would you give to other journalism and communication majors about internships, getting involved and classes in general? I believe that with passion comes great work. So find your passion and pursue it, whether it is journalism, communication or something else. But, you can’t be lazy about it. You can’t ever get enough experience in your field of interest, so get out there — now. You don’t want to look back one day and wish you would have done more to better prepare yourself for the future. It’s all in your hands, and it is what you make of it. So make it great. 

How do you plan to spend your summer break? Alongside the summer internship I plan to complete with UC Magazine, I will also continue working with UC College of Nursing’s Marketing Department as a student writer, a position I have held since January of this year. I write articles to be published in the college’s biannual magazine that feature the college and its faculty, staff and students’ achievements, as well as other college-related feature articles published on the college’s website. This will be my first summer living in Cincinnati, and although the city’s heavy humidity scares me, I am beyond excited for what the next few months have to offer. This summer I am also co-directing a non-profit service project scheduled for the third weekend in July in Toledo called the Toledo YES Project. (Y.E.S. stands for youth elect service.) Facilitated by numerous adults and college-aged students, the project gathers high school teenagers from the Toledo area for a weekend in July to complete various service projects throughout the city, including painting houses, landscaping and preforming other tasks requested of Toledo homeowners. With the main purpose of serving others as Jesus did, the project is definitely the highlight of every summer for me. After being involved in the project for the past two summers and having loved every second of it, I am excited to have the opportunity to invest more of myself and my time to such a great cause. 

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