Kate Ducey: The Very Busy Bearcat

Kate Ducey is a first year Communications major here at UC. She is very involved with many activities on and around campus. Kate plays club water polo, is a writer for Her Campus, a member of Pi Beta Phi were she also sends out the emails and tutors, a part of Bearcat Buddies, the secretary for the UC Democrats Club, recently accepted into the University Honors Program, and volunteers her time at St. Vincent De Paul. 

Her Campus Cincinnati: What's a typical Thursday like in the life of the very busy, Kate Ducey?

Kate Ducey: Well the day starts off slow, I wake up around 9:45 to get ready for my first class at 11. Then I go to Catskellar for a sandwich and head to student teaching. I usually do homework until my honors class and then I have a Her Campus and UC Democrats Club meeting both at 5. I then get dinner and go to water polo practice. 


HCUC: Is it difficult to balance all of your activities with your schoolwork and social life?

KD: Yes, sometimes. It's all about managing your time and to-do lists are very helpful. 

HCUC: So you are originally from here, what are some things you like to do for fun around Cincinnati?

KD: I like Washington Park because they have a dog park and I'm a fan of Findlay Market. I like walking around downtown- it's pretty. 

HCUC: So I've heard you switched your major from Communications to Education after the first semester and recently decided to switch back. What helped you make this decision?

KD: I started student teaching and realized that teaching probably isn't the career for me. I talked to friends and family about it, and made a list of what I wanted out of a career and realized teaching couldn't give me those things.


HCUC: Is there any advice you have for anyone thinking about switching their majors? 

KD: I recommend taking an intro class before completely changing majors so you get a glimpse of what it's like first. Follow your dreams, If you are unhappy now there's a chance you won't be happy in your career. 

HCUC: Do you have an idea of what you would like to do with your Communications major?

KD: I really want to do public relations or event planning. 


HCUC: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

KD: In ten years I hope to not be living in Ohio with my dogs where I have a job that I'm able to travel with. 

HCUC: What would you say your ultimate dream job would be?

KD: To either be a writer for SNL or Click Hole. 


HCUC: We don't have much time left in the school year, what did you think of your first year at UC?

KD: It was way different than I expected. I really didn't want to go to UC because it's really close to home, but I can't imagine being anywhere else and I thoroughly enjoyed my first year here. 


HCUC: Do you have a favorite memory you made while being here?

KD: I don't have one specific favorite memory, but my favorite times have been when I was with my friends.

HCUC: Lastly, do you have any advice for high school seniors before they head off into college?

KD: Don't be afraid to get involved because you'll be glad you did.