International Women's Day

Since International Women’s Day falls on my birthday every year, I almost feel it is a crime if I don’t write on it. Please officers, I’m doing my duty now, keep those sirens at bay…

I have always been proud to be female. Ever since I was little I have loved dressing in frilly dresses, playing with dolls, having long hair. The list goes on, and really you don’t want me to go on because it would take too damn long and you would be bored.

But, that being said, I also was that girl playing in the dirt in her pink dresses as a toddler. Wanting to play football with the boys during recess. 

I am so, unbelievably proud to be a woman but just because I am a woman does not mean I “fit” every checkbox there is when someone thinks of a stereotypical woman. 

Hey, if you are one of those ladies, my hat is off to you and keep rocking your shit. I’m just here to remind anyone who wants to listen that women come in all shapes and sizes.

Yes, similar pieces have been written but I think the emphasis should never die. 

My younger sister is a beautiful young woman who likes to dress like George Constanza from time to time. Does that make her any less?

One of my best friends chooses to wear a college sweatshirt and her hair in a bun most days, does that make her any less?

Hell no, and if you got that question right (as you should’ve) I commend you.

When March 8th hits, let's not only celebrate my birthday…let’s celebrate women.

The women who like to embrace their sexuality through dress.

The women who like to wear lipstick every day.

The women who are boss athletes on and off of the field.

The women we encounter each day.

Cheers to ladies. Men you are great and a lot of you are fine as hell but this is a day for the ladies. Love them, embrace them, cheer for them.