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If You’re Looking For a New Show to Break Your Heart, This is It

“This Is Us” is a critically acclaimed television show on NBC that has captured the hearts of millions of avid watchers. It has a special family element that garners the attention of everyone. Simultaneously humorous and heartbreaking, it is easy to become consumed in the lives of the Pearson’s. If you like shows like that, too, I have a new show for you.

ABC just premiered a new show called “A Million Little Things.” The show follows a group of friends through their life. It is a heavy show that deals with things like infidelity, sickness, losing someone and suicide. If any of these things are sensitive topics, I would not continue.

There are four best friends that met by chance in an elevator. Eddie is a music teacher and a stay-at-home dad, Rome is a director trying to make his movie, Gary works in insurance and is a survivor of breast cancer and Jon is a successful business man with a family.

The first episode starts with introducing each of the men in short clips, showing a bit about who they are and how they are feeling at that point in their lives. Within the first five minutes (and in the trailer) we see Jon jumping to his death. They go through a lot trying to understand how their best friend would do this.

So far, it has become one of my new favorite shows. Not only because it gets into topics that a lot of shows try to avoid, but also because it handles real life situations that a majority of people in the world will experience in their lives.

All the episodes that have premiered so far are available on Hulu. Catch all of the future episodes on Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC!

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