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I Tried to be a Sugar Baby and Here’s What Happened

It started off as a joke but I ran with it. My roommate and I were supposed to be studying for our exams but we instead got distracted by a conversation nearby.

“My friend got paid $500 just to go to dinner with him.”

WHAT? Free food AND you’re getting paid to eat and hang with some guy? SIGN ME UP!

Plus I have a Victoria’s Secret addiction. Every email about a sale or deal they’re having is just a tease and my poor credit can’t take it anymore.

What did I need to do to get that?!Become a sugar baby, apparently. A friend of mine who arrived later filled me in on what I needed to do. I needed to make a profile on a website, fill out my profile and express what I wanted. The website itself advises you not to use your real name. So, I made up a fake one to express my love for the Italian culture…and their food.

I had to wait to be verified by the website and once I was, I started browsing for a sugar daddy.

Most of the men were in my area but their ages were not my typical preference. Ranging from 27 to 65. I found myself both disgusted and intrigued. The bios and the net-worths had me in awe; one million to 5 million and they’re in my area?! Most men wanted to start off with a date or two to get to know you but it quickly escalated to a need for intimacy — sex if we’re being blunt; but wouldn’t that make me a prostitute? HA. NO THANK YOU.

I spent, at most, a few days on the site looking for one sugar daddy that was ok with no intimacy. My hope faded and I logged off. Although I got notified everyday anytime someone looked at or favorited my profile.

In the end, I don’t think I could ever sleep with someone older than my mother and get paid to do it. So, for now, I’m sugar daddy-less. For now…





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Ricole Davis


Born and raised in the wonderful state of Ohio. When I grow up, if I ever do, I want to be a doctor. Fourth year at the University of Cincinnati. In my spare time, I like to collect vinyls, write and play with my favorite boy, my bunny Phoenix. I love everything about the outdoors except for the bugs. Just trying to get through the day without making a complete fool of myself...
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