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Head to Starbucks to Try These Secret Drinks


I recently began working as a barista for Starbucks. During my short time there, I have had the wonderful opportunity to go crazy with my drinks. For every shift, employees get to make a free drink, so you KNOW I have been taking advantage of that!


During my mad scientist drink experiments, I have stumbled across a couple of tasty gems. 


Need inspiration for your next Starbucks visit? Look no further than these five drinks!


1. Peaches and Cream Tea

This drink is my own take on the classic peaches and cream. It’s perfectly refreshing for those afternoon, post-class Starbucks runs and also totally yummy. How to order: ask for whatever size you want, iced peach tea, then ask for it with coconut milk. What you get is a lovely creamy drink perfect for a sunny day!


2. Very Berry Frappuccino

Now I can’t take all the credit for this one! I had a customer order this once and then I made it on my break myself and it was AH-MAZ-ING! You ask for a vanilla bean frappuccino, then ask to add dried strawberries and blackberries. What you get is berry ice cream like drink that is a lovely shade of purple as well. 


3. Peppermint Lemonade 

HEAR ME OUT! I know this one sounds weird but I promise you it’s amazing! You order a lemonade with two pumps of peppermint syrup (yes, Starbucks has peppermint syrup year round for all you peppermint mocha fans!) What you get is a tart lemonade with a cool, fresh, aftertaste. It leaves a tingly sensation in your mouth and is great for a refreshing post-workout treat if you want something low in calories. 


4. Spiced Chai 

This one is somewhat seasonal so get it while you can! This combines the fall flavor of pumpkin spice with the comfort of a chai latte, plus a caffeine boost! How you order this one is to ask for a chai latte with three pumps of pumpkin spice and one shot of espresso. You get the perfect fall drink that warms your taste buds!


5. Raspberry Latte

People really don’t take advantage of all the flavors Starbucks has and it shows. A favorite drink I’ve discovered while working is an iced raspberry latte! How you order it is to ask for an iced latte (I prefer mine made with soy milk) and ask for three pumps of raspberry syrup and one pump of mocha. It gives you a slightly sweetened latte with a rich aftertaste of chocolate. It’s super decadent and super yummy.

Emma Segrest

Cincinnati '22

Emma is a current Creative Writing and Journalism major at the University of Cincinnati and works as the Editorial Captain for Her Campus UC. When she is not writing she can be found reading Jane Austen or tending to her plants.
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