The Great Brown and Black Debate

It seems that for decades now, the debate of whether brown and black clothing and accessories can be worn together has people taking sides. I used to loathe when I would see someone wearing this mismatch out and about. Now, though, as I have grown older, I feel that brown and black can actually be a match made in fashion heaven. The neutral colors can beautifully compliment each other if worn the right way.

When rocking this pairing, it seems like there are endless possibilities to make it work for your style. It is important to remember that lighter hues of brown work best when paired with black—if you go too dark, it can end up looking a bit odd. Most important, though, is confidence—if you are not feeling it, change it up. Confidence is key to rocking anything. Aside from that, wearing the right brown and black pieces together is key to having the ultimate chic look.

One of my favorite ways to rock the brown and black style is by adding brown accessories to an all-black ensemble. The black clothing creates a sleek and polished foundation for the outfit, while the brown accessories add a new element to your look.

Another fun way to rock this look is by utilizing leopard and cheetah print as well as the tortoiseshell pattern. Instead of a look with all solid brown and black colors, adding a neutral print can really amp up your outfit while adding personality and sass.

A great way to incorporate this style during the fall and winter months is by layering. Rich browns and blacks are great colors to wear during this season, and layering will help keep you warm while also looking fashionable.

How do you feel about mixing brown and black? Be sure to tweet us your comments about this style using the hashtag #brownandblackdebate. We’d love to see pictures of you rocking this look!