Exploring Downtown

One of the great things about UC is that it is only about three miles from downtown Cincinnati. Roughly a 10-15 minute drive, a 30 minute bike ride, or a 50 minute walk, downtown is virtually right around the corner if you want to explore all that Cincinnati has to offer when campus gets a little boring. If you do not have a car and are too lazy to ride a bike or walk, you can always take the MetroBus ($1.75) or call a taxi (about $15)—it's well worth it! The Queen City has a lively nightlife with all the bars, clubs and restaurants one could ask for. Nightlife is not the only thing you'll find downtown, though: with multiple major league sports teams—the Bengals (NFL) and the Reds (MLB)—plus a minor league hockey team, the Cyclones, along with a generous amount of places to go on a shopping spree, it's unlikely that you'll find yourself bored when adventuring through this great city. My advice: experience all the fun that the Queen City has to offer. Ask your boyfriend to take you on a fancy date to one of downtown's award-winning restaurants (Think Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse), or take your girlfriends out and experience the nightlife at Mynt, one of Cincinnati's most popular bar/club scenes. And if that doesn't appeal to you, be sure to go to a Cyclones hockey game on dollar beer night—it won't disappoint!