The Enneagram Personality Test Saved My Relationship


The first fight with your boyfriend is never a pleasant experience, no matter how “close” you think you are.


It is the first time when your relationship is no longer sunshine and rainbows and your commitment to them is questioned. For the single reader, it is like ripping off a band-aid to see that there is another one under it to rip off as well – the pain is going to be inevitable and a lot harsher than you ever imagined it to be. 


My boyfriend and I have been together for eight months now and while we have had our fair share of fights, we have walked away from each one of them stronger than the last. 


How you may ask?


The Enneagram Test.


The Enneagram Test is not just a basic personality test you are forced to take during high school. The test itself analyzes every aspect of who you are as a person by assigning you to 1 of 9 numbers:

  1. The Perfectionist

  2. The Helper

  3. The Achiever

  4. The Individualist

  5. The Investigator

  6. The Loyalist

  7. The Enthusiast

  8. The Challenger

  9. The Peacemaker

Each number on the scale holds strengths, weaknesses, fears, different compatibility with other numbers, etc. The test highlights the beauty of diversity when it comes to our makeup. 

I am an eight and my boyfriend is a three.


8: Self-confident, loves control

3: Success-oriented, desires to feel valuable


How in the world have these numbers played into our relationship?

Time and time again when I find myself frustrated or questioning his ways, I do not turn to my friends to gossip or immediately assume the worst, I simply remember that he is a three and that is enough. He hates failure, loves to impress others and is one of the most ambitious people I have ever met.


The test gives me the traits in black and white, and I in turn discover and seek those out in him. Reading the traits about myself personally has allowed me to dive deeper into where my weaknesses are and where my strengths lie. How can you invest in someone else if you don’t first know who you are?


Our connection is deeper, our conversations stretch wider and our compatibility is unlike any other. 


I challenge you to take the test and encourage your loved ones to take it too. You never know what you may uncover.