D.C. Spring Break Adventures of an Indian Paulina

After working and studying for my exams and quizzes there finally came a time in where I was able to rejuvenate myself from all the chaos of work and take a deep sigh. As far as I reckon, it was a moment of bliss for me, because the time span of this break allowed me to relax. Other breaks are either too long or are just a holiday. A week is perfect for me to refresh just a little. Having too long of a break just turns life into a whole new direction, where heading back to normal work mode gets even more rigorous.

My break entailed visiting my brother in D.C. with a Chinese friend of mine. It was something I was really looking forward. The capital city, scrumptious French cupcakes, vibrant macaroons, cherry wine, and patriotic monuments made my day. The whole city encompasses not only the intriguing history of America, but fashion and foods from all around the globe. I’m definitely looking forward to visiting again even if it’s expensive. Visiting this city is a must for people who are not only looking to take a break, but are interested in trying exceptional French dessert or want to get a deeper insight of American politics.