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Cincinnati’s Gem: Yard House

If you are a beer enthusiast the Yard House is the perfect place for you. They have over 4,000 gallons of both unique and popular beer that flows over to 100 taps at the bar.  Little suggestion: while you are trying to select which beer you want to try, go ahead and order the fried Brussels sprouts & potatoes in the aioli, its DELISH.  Also if you are going for lunch I highly recommend the sandwich and soup combo. I got the Roasted Turkey Club: turkey, mayo, bacon, guacamole, lettuce, tomato and I matched it up with the Organic Tomato Bisque.  

Hint: Make sure you order The Half-Yard; it’s pretty much a must (see below). 

Catherine is pursuing a marketing degree at Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati. She loves her family, and believes family comes first. Catherine is also a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, and to never take a moment for granted because she never knows what will happen next. Fun fact: Catherine is a FOODIE! She loves all things that have to do with food, just look at her articles and you will be able to tell. Live Life, Smile, & Eat Some Good Food!
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