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Campus Celeb: Audrey Torrence

Major: Industrial Design

Year in School: 3rd year

Campus Involvements: Chi Omega, Alpha Rho Chi, Student Activities Board, DAAP Senator for DAAPtribunal + Student Government. She is also planning a cool new event called DAAP Makers Market and has a Girl Scout Troop!

Fun Fact: I ate a pickle for the first time today! (2/16/17)

Her Campus: You are pretty involved on campus, that’s awesome! What inspired you to have a hand in a plethora of groups at UC?

Audrey Torrence: I came to UC vs a traditional design school because of the crazy amount of opportunities available on campus. I love DAAP and got super involved in that sphere and then realized I didn’t have to limit myself to just that, so I began to explore things all around campus!


HC: That’s good to know, because people can get stuck in just what they’re comfortable with, aka their college program and its involvements. What’s a piece of advice you have for stepping out of your “comfort zone?”

AT: Reach out to people you look up to because in general, everyone wants to help you discover what you’re passionate about. And buy yourself tacos every time you do something you’re afraid of.


HC: Love the treat yourself addition at the end, not to completely sidetrack but where is your favorite place to get tacos around campus?

AT: Los Potrillos for sure! Mazunte is great too if you have a car to get there.

HC: We will remember that for future reference. Now to get back on topic, you mentioned you’re helping plan DAAP Makers Market. We have not heard of it before, can you fill us in?

AT: It’s a super cool new event happening on March 4th! DAAP students, alum, and professors will be there selling the things they make. There will be 45 vendors selling prints, jewelry, ceramics, bags, and more! Eli’s BBQ and Injoy Foods will be on site as well.

I have a super bad ass group of women who have been working to plan this event since October and we are all super pumped.

HC: This event sounds so awesome; we will definitely be there to support our fellow bearcats! What inspired you ladies to start this up?

AT: So many DAAP students make things they’re passionate about outside the realm of their classwork. We wanted to create a place for these students to sell their goods, and hopefully breed a spirit of entrepreneurship throughout the college. We also wanted to invite alum back who have started their own creative endeavors to their alma mater!


HC: It’s a great idea, and one I can see continuing year after year because of the way it involves students present and past. Would you say it is one of the projects you’ve worked on at during your time at UC that you are proudest of?

AT: Definitely! I’m so excited and have plugged it into almost every conversation I have had since October. I’m excited to see how many people come to our event!


HC: You can count on faces from HC to be there! You have done a lot in your three years at UC, what goals do you hope to accomplish during the rest of your collegiate career?

AT: I want to set up real continuity in DAAPtribunal so we can continue to have huge annual events. Work with UC to make it more sustainable, and accomplish my dream of having water bottle refill stations everywhere. I also want to mentor future female leaders and eventually memorize my M-Number.


HC: I think we can all relate with the M-Number memorization. We hope you accomplish all of those things and then some, thanks for chatting with us!

AT: Thank you!


Keep up with Audrey on Twitter and head to DAAP Makers Market next week to see what her hard work as led up to!

Maddie Huggins is a fourth year student at the University of Cincinnati. Originally from Columbus, she quickly learned to swap out the OSU scarlet and grey for UC red and black. Maddie has loved writing since she was a little girl and is always down for a good time. She prides herself in being the world's best hugger.
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