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If you are anything like me, you have been ready for Halloween since November 1 of last year. That’s why, after waiting all this time, you want a costume that is going to ~wow~. Now, we are all in college, and for a lot of us that means some serious budgeting, which can make finding the perfect outfit for the season difficult. However, not to worry. I have compiled a list of bewitching, affordable costumes so you don’t have to! Check out the top five, bargain outfits for this year:

Glam Cowgirl

Ever since seeing Kourtney Kardashian’s glitz take on the southern costume last Halloween, a dazzling cowgirl costume is a prime choice. The best part? You can get all the glam without all the hurt on your wallet. Find or thrift an old pair of jean shorts and a jean jacket, do some DIY sparkle, and you’re all set. 

Thrifted jean jacket               $6

Thrifted jean shorts              $5

Cami top                                $4.95

Diamond rolls                       $8.59

Glue                                       $6.45

Cowboy boots                      Starting at $4   +

                                               Subtotal: $34.99


Coming in hot at spot number four, this costume is a truly classic choice, with the perfect mix of cute and nostalgia. Throw some magic in the mix with a green dress and a DIY take on her classic flats!

Green dress                         $6

Green flats                           $14.99

Cotton balls                         $1.99

Super Glue                           $3.53

Fairy Wings                          $3.95   +

                                             Subtotal: $30.46

Party Animal

Everyone loves a good pun. This Halloween have some fun embracing your wild side with the Party Animal costume! By wearing an all print outfit and a cheerful party hat, you’ll be setting the festive vibes for everyone.

Leopard Print Skirt                         $5

Leopard Print Crop Top                 $4

Leopard Print Slide Sandals         $13

Party Hat                                         $2.50

Cat Ear Headband                          $1   +

                                                         Subtotal: $25.50

Disco Girl

In the coveted number two spot,the Disco Girl look! With a lot of current fashion movements picking up trends from the previous few decades, it inspires one to get back in the time machine for Halloween this year. A disco look is the perfect choice for a flash of fun color and letting loose!

Tie Dye Flare Pants                    $11

Quarter Zip Crop Top                 $9

Chunky heel boots                     From $5      +

                                                     Subtotal: $25

Olive from Easy A

Coming in at number one for most affordable, DIY costumes is Olive from Easy A! Now, I may be biased by my personal choice of this costume circa 2017 but let me tell you: it was a hit. It’s unique enough that no one else will be wearing it, but well known enough for people to get the idea. All you need is to pull on a pair of your black pants (thrift if you don’t have), a sexy black top, some felt, pearls, and shades.

Thrifted black pants               $6

Black corset top                     $8

Pearl necklace                        $1.50

Red Felt                                   $.39

Safety Pin                                $ .11 a piece

Black Sunglasses                   $5

Black Heels                             Starting at $3 +

                                                 Subtotal: $24

McKenna Brooks

Cincinnati '21

McKenna Brooks is a fourth year at the University of Cincinnati studying Communication, English, and Public Relations. Her favorite things are southern comfort food and her three dogs, Joy, Rey and Bear. Pictures of her and her pets can be found on her Instagram, @brooksie118.