4 Reasons to Celebrate National Drink Wine Day Instead of Valentines Day

Forget about heart-shaped boxes of unspecified chocolate and stressing about trying to find a less-than-perfect date to go eat overpriced steak with. February 14 doesn’t matter anymore. There’s a holiday that’s way more important. National Drink Wine Day is on February 18th. Here are 4 reasons why you should swap stale conversation hearts for a bottle of vino. #NationalDrinkWineDay


1. Wine is fat-free and super good for you.

Wine has no fat, cholesterol, and very little carbohydrates. Studies show that the high concentration of antioxidants in wine can vastly contribute to your health in a number of ways (when consumed in moderation). It can improve brain function, boost the immune system, and can help prevent heart disease and stroke. So basically, wine is like a liquid vitamin (yay!).

2. Friends that drink wine together, stay together.

Corking open a bottle of wine to enjoy with friends is such a great way to bond and spend time together, without having to bare the blizzarding winter weather. Plan a night in, have everyone bring one bottle of their choice, order a pizza, and have a lively time tasting and comparing different wines with your pals!

3. Every bottle of wine is like a bottle of history.

The history of wine is literally so extensive. The oldest winery was created in 4100 B.C. in ancient Armenia. Wine was also important in ancient Egypt. It was drunk during the peak of the Roman Empire. Thomas Jefferson was a wanna-be viticulturist, and in 1807 he tried to start his own vineyard in Virginia. Wine is consumed on every single continent. It’s crazy to think that similar grape varieties have been consumed for such a long time. Drink some wine ladies, it’s just like reading a history book.

4. Drinking out of wine glasses feels classy AF.

Tell me swirling that red wine around in an oversized wine glass doesn’t make you feel like you’ve got your life together. Tell me sipping sparkling wine out of an elongated bubbles glass doesn’t make you want to give a dramatic “Bachelor” worthy toast and clink with those around you. Embrace those feelings, especially on National Drink Wine Day.


National Drink Wine Day is totally superior to Valentine’s Day. Quell the unnecessary expectations and cheesiness and go pick out a bottle of wine with the prettiest label and pop it open on February 18 to celebrate!





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