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26 Things You Should Be Thankful For: College Edition

Holidays are just around the corner. Among final exams and lots of food and last minute gift shopping, it’s hard to remember that it’s a time when you should also be thankful.

So here’s a list of things you should remember to be thankful for.

1.     The semester is almost over. THANK THE LORD.

2.     You only have a few more assignments and then you’re free.

3.     People take pity on you, which often result in them leaving you alone to cry from stress. But hey, at least there won’t be anyone around to judge how much pumpkin pie you’re stuffing in your face.

4.     You won’t be judged for having a breakdown in the library. Chances are there are at least six other people doing the same.

5.     Free campus wifi.

6.     The stapler in the library next to the printer. Imagine turning in that twenty-page essay with no staple. Yikes.

7.     It’s acceptable to look like crap: no makeup, two-day-greasy hair, sweatpants, and hoodies.

8.     Starbucks understands your need for coffee and have no judgments when you order three Espresso Frappuccinos in one day.

9.     When teachers cancel class so you can work on your final. They are true heroes.

10.  That awesome co-worker who covers your shift because you’re dying from stress and possibly on the brink of going crazy.

11.  Your pets. They’ll cuddle you even when you haven’t showered in four days.

12.  Delivery. You’ll forget to cook and realize you haven’t eaten in about two days. But thank goodness the pizza place down the street is open until midnight.

13.  And if you’re broke, be thankful for a microwave. Those frostbitten pizza rolls look like a luxury meal right about now. Just take about two minutes and voila!

14.  Dry shampoo and conditioner. Because seriously, who has time to wash their hair when you need to write three essays, study for two exams, finish Christmas shopping, and try not to overdose on coffee?

15.  Sweatpants. Most likely, you’re bloated from stress and all of the food you’re eating. And bless your soul if your period happens during this time. But with the luxury of sweatpants, no one will ever know!

16.  Your parents don’t question when you accidentally put your clothes on backwards. They know it’s a rough time, and they’ll make sure to have your favorite pie ready for you when you get home.

17.  Your roommate is probably going through the same amount of stress as you, which results in a flurry of flashcards and empty bottles of wine.

18.  The Harry Potter marathon on ABC.

19.  Your onesie because then you get to feel like a kid again who doesn’t have all of these “responsibilities.” Just give me a granola bar and a juice box, please.

20.  The class bonding when a project is due and you all help each other out.

21.  YouTube. Sometimes you just need to see cats having the sh*t scared out of them by a cucumber.

22.  Your pillow. It’s always there to catch your heavy head and soak up your stress tears.

23.  When you and your friends have a rant session about how stupid the class is and how you’ll just drop out and be a stripper. But then five minutes later you all decided that wouldn’t work so you go back to studying. Motivation right there.

24.  You’re still alive. I mean, seriously, have you peeked at the craziness of the world around you?

25.  The holidays. Sure, they’re crazy and hectic and are gone too fast, but it’s a time to be with friends and family and share love. It marks the end of a hard year. And look, you made it!

26.  Everyone in your life who has ever supported you. Without them, you would probably be living in a car by a dumpster. Okay, maybe not that extreme, but you wouldn’t have gotten this far without them.

So just remember that you’re almost done with classes, and soon you’ll be stuffing your face on Thanksgiving and exchanging presents on Christmas. You got this.

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Cammy is a fourth year Creative Writing major at the University of Cincinnati.She enjoys playing with kittens, eating ice cream, and procrastinating her homework.When she's not procrastinating with a kitten and a heaping bowl of ice cream in her lap, she's usually playing with her niece, who happens to think she's the funniest person in the world.You can find more of her writings on her blog that she updates sporadically. 
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