20 Reasons October Is The Best Month

1. Fall weather is the best weather

Don’t even try to fight me on this, nothing beats a crisp fall morning paired with a cozy sweater!

2. Halloween movies

Halloween Town, Twitches, Coraline! The list goes on and on! Halloween movies > regular movies

3. Planning your costume

The best part of October is deciding what you’re going to be for Halloween! You get the entire month to craft your perfect disguise.

4. Fall Drinks at Starbucks

Pumpkin Spice lattes anyone?

5. Fall Fashion

Boots, sweaters, jackets, scarves . . . Nothing beats layered fashion.

6. The best scenery

Whether you’re driving through a neighborhood filled with Halloween decorations or strolling through a park filled with changing trees, October has the best scenery.

7. Fall food

You’re lying if you say the thought of a warm slice of apple pie with a scoop of ice cream doesn’t get your mouth watering.

8. Football

Football games are just so fun! The energy, the crowds? Yes please!

9. Pumpkins

Pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie, pumpkin carving, pumpkins, in general, are a beautiful part of October.

10. Halloween bops

Name something more iconic than getting down to Michael Jackson’s Thriller during October.

11. Halloween candy

October is the only appropriate month to gorge yourself on candy.

12. Prime apple time

Apples are arguably one of the best fruits, and did you know that October is their prime month?

13. Spooky time!!!

Who doesn’t love a good scare? From haunted houses to scary movies, October has no shortage of scary stuff!

14. Fall television

By this point, fall T.V. is in its prime and you always have something interesting to watch.

15. Simpsons Treehouse of Horror special

This one may be special only to me but I know I for sure look forward to this each year!

16. Seeing the hilarious cringe-worthy costumes each year

Let’s face it, some costumes are not good . . .

17. Costume parties

Absolutely nothing beats costume parties (don’t @ me)!

18. Flannels

October is prime flannel season, and flannels make everyone look cute!

19. Endless amounts of cute activities

Apple picking, hayrides, coffee, haunted houses, oh my!

20. Halloween is the absolute best holiday

The only holiday where you get to dress up, get spooked, and gorge on all the sweet treats you want!