Zodiac Signs as Disney Movies

Capricorn: The Princess and the Frog


There isn’t a more obvious choice for our hard-working Capricorns. Once Tiana got the idea in her head to open her own restaurant, she is relentless in her pursuit.


Aquarius: Big Hero 6


With such an eccentric cast of characters, this unique sign will love this completely original story. Also, they love to help other people, and that’s really what Tadashi wanted to do when he created Baymax.


Pisces: Mulan


A selfless character for a selfless sign. Mulan goes out of her way to take her father’s place in the army, and she continues to go above and beyond for her country, even when it was against her.


Aries: Pocahontas

Aries are outspoken, and they aren’t scared to take initiative. Pocahontas works to create peace between her people and the white people, even when her father tells her that she shouldn’t.


Taurus: Emperor’s New Groove

This sign will be sure to relate to Kuzko’s character, with his cold exterior and soft interior. He can sometimes be lazy, but he ends up being extremely jealous, which are both character traits of Taurses.


Gemini: Tarzan


Smart yet serious, the main character of this movie perfectly captures a Gemini. After all, he has to learn a whole new way of life whenever he meets humans. Although he is always ready for a fun adventure, he can become very serious when his family is placed in danger.

Cancer: Finding Nemo


With such a touching story, our compassionate Cancers will definitely be moved by this story. They will most likely all have a box of tissue in hands, also.


Leo: The Lion King


Kind of an obvious choice, but Leo’s happy spirit reminds me of the (mostly) joyful vibe of The Lion King. Plus, Simba is most definitely a Leo with his confidence and ambition.


Virgo: Tangled


Virgos are very shy, and even though Rapunzel ends up becoming an extrovert quickly, she stays in that tower her whole life, avoiding the outside world.

Libra: Aladdin


Libras are so charming and adventurous, just like both Aladdin and Jasmine. If magic carpet rides were a real thing, they would surely be the first in line.


Scorpio: Hercules


Hercules himself is a perfect blend of all of these traits: emotional, hardworking, and passionate, just like Scorpios. Plus, Megara just strikes me as a textbook Scorp.


Sagittarius: The Little Mermaid


This open-minded sign loves to travel and explore the world, and Ariel is the exact same way. She is still curious about the real world even though everyone tells her that it is dangerous, and I think a Sagittarius would be the same way.