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Why You Should be Watching The Good Place

In this fun, fast paced comedy, Michael Schur has done it again. Known for Brooklyn Nine Nine and Parks and Rec, Schur brings another smart and hilarious sitcom to TV. The series centers around Eleanor Shellstrop, who finds herself in the Good Place after she died in a freak shopping cart accident. The problem? She’s not supposed to be there.





Eleanor, who was kind of a dirtbag on earth, isn’t ready to be sent to the Bad Place. So she decides to become a good person with the help of her “soulmate,” Chidi. On earth, Chidi was a professor of philosophy and ethics.



As it turns out, it’s kind of harder to be a good person than she predicted.



While Eleanor is trying her hardest to become a good person (and constantly forking up) things in the neighborhood start getting a little bit… weird. So on top of learning about how to be a decent human, she also has to figure out if she’s the one causing the issues in the neighborhood.


The plot gets a lot more wild (and amazing) from there. The second season just finished airing, so it’s the perfect time to catch up. There are only 13 episodes per season, so it is definitely doable in a weekend!



Claire Rhode is a junior double majoring in creative writing and history. She is the senior editor of Chatham's Her Campus chapter and also edits for Mighty Quill Books and the Minor Bird. You can also read her work on InMotion and Fauna's blogs.
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