Why I Cut My Hair (Several Times)

I always had long hair. I looked at my newborn picture and I had a lot of hair.

It did not stop there. It kept growing and growing. I wore a ponytail all the time and people would ask me why I never wore my hair out. I didn’t like it. It was too much, but people envied my hair length. I never understood why anyone would want all of the hair I had.

For me I saw my hair like my past and expectations, holding me back. I saw so many happy people with short hair. I could really see their face and the little facial features you wouldn’t otherwise see.

I hid behind my hair and pulled it forward whenever I felt uncomfortable about my appearance. I sometimes felt myself pulling at it out of frustration.  

It was when I finally decided to cut it without telling anyone that I was happy. Whenever I brought up cutting my hair as a joke, people would tell me "no" like the dead skin cells on the top of my head belonged to them. I basically said “f*** you” and cut it anyway.

I felt so happy and my head felt so light. I took control of my hair and my life. I think that cutting my hair was probably the first decision I made myself and I kept going. I’m continue to make my own decisions and cutting my hair started that. I couldn’t be happier.

It’s the little changes that start the big ones.