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Why am I Obsessed with Tumblr?

There are SO many reasons!

  1. There are fewer judgemental people

There’s such a thing as cyberbullying (shocker), but Tumblr is so much more open and accepting than other social media sites/apps.

  1. It’s a way to express yourself

There are so many aesthetic blogs and blogs dedicated to whatever suits the blogger’s fancy. If you have an interest, there is probably a blog for that. If not, you could always make your own. You could also have a messy blog that carries everything you could possibly love or agree with. There’s no need for structure.  

  1. Memes

There are so many memes. Just so many.  

  1. LGBT+ loving community

I have never seen such a large online presence of members of the LGBT+ community anywhere else. People on Tumblr support them without hesitation. A lot of Tumblr blogs have descriptions that more or less go, “Name/age/gender pronouns/sexuality.”  

  1. Artistic work lives and breathes on Tumblr

I’ve seen so many great pieces of art on Tumblr. I have decided to support some of these artists on Patreon after discovering them on Tumblr. They are all phenomenal and it’s easily shareable without ripping off the artist. If there is any post, especially art, that you would like to share with other people on your blog, there is a reblog button you can click. Do not repost it which means saving the post’s contents to your device and uploading it on your blog. Also, don’t erase the caption the artist wrote under the post.    

  1. Otakus also live and breathe on Tumblr

Like anime and want to openly embrace it? Tumblr is a great place to do that. I made so many otaku friends through our shared love for certain anime through Tumblr. I discovered quality anime content on Tumblr that I probably wouldn’t have found on my own.

  1. Easy to use and customizable

I’m surprised how easy it is to use. Not all blogs have to look the same. There are different themes both for free and for a low price. Navigating both through Tumblr’s website and app isn’t difficult either.  


Iyanna is an English and Creative Writing major at Chatham University. You can follow Iyanna's Instagram @lively_bones where she pretty much posts selfies and crafts, or you can follow her Studyblr @studymydeer.
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