Want to Feel Sophisticated? Attend a Gallery Crawl

    A few friends and I recently attended the Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District, an event produced by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust where multiple art galleries are free to the public for one night. Several venues scattered throughout the Cultural District downtown hosted art, photographs, films, live shows, and marketplaces. One gallery was even curated by five Chatham students! The Dynamics of Gender was an exhibition at the August Wilson Center put together by the Museum Studies majors. Seeing the hard work of Chatham students represented at such a popular event was so exciting. In addition, I had the chance to visit the following venues: Ryoichi Kurokawa and Novi_Sad, The Long Run, FLOW, Wonder Woman: Visions, Mingle/Mangle, and Night Market.




Overall, the crawl was a wonderful way to unwind with friends on a Friday night and feel cultured while doing so. If you missed the first one of 2018, there will be two more on April 27th and July 6th. It’s only about a 30-minute bus ride from Chatham, or a pretty cheap Lyft if you’re not up to public transportation (we weren’t). The hustle and bustle of Downtown on a Friday was a nice change from the usual campus quiet. There’s so much local art to explore nearby!


The Dynamics of Gender


The Long Run: Power by Devan Shimoyama




Wonder Woman: Visions: Touch Me and Your First Lesson’s Free by Lizzee Solomon