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A Technological How-To: Recycling for the 21st Century

Between the countless blue bins advocating for a “greener earth, one bottle at a time!” to the square bins with perfectly fitted slots that allow just enough paper to enter one sheet at a time, recycling is everywhere. But what about electronics recycling? Electronic waste is a global issue affecting countries outside of the United States, such as Asia and Africa. E-waste (electronic waste) either goes into a landfill for hundreds of years or gets incinerated, which releases harmful, heavy metals like cadmium, lead, and mercury. More specifically, mercury gets reabsorbed into the water system and has a particularly harmful effect on fish. In this manner, humans can consume these fish and also take in the mercury. Thank goodness for recycling programs! Here are the top 5 businesses that recycle e-waste.

1. Best Buy
These stores have some of the best recycling programs for e-waste. The website details and dictates exactly what it will and will not accept. For some larger items, they may charge up to $10, but they turn it around and give you a Best Buy gift card. Furthermore, they permit you to take in up to three items per day for recycling!

2. Staples
Staples stores offer $2 rewards for every 10 ink cartridges you bring in!

3. Office Depot
These stores offer boxes (Tech Recycling Boxes) in a range of prices and sizes that are made specifically for e-waste disposal. They take anything you can stuff into these boxes, as long as the lids close.

4. Call2Recycle
This non-profit program partners with businesses to offer recycling close to home. Visit their website to find partnering businesses near you!

5. e-Stewards
By typing in your zipcode, you can be sure you’re taking your e-waste to a safe, secure site. e-Stewards is a program run by BAN (Basel Action Network), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving environmental quality and confronting the environmental injustice caused by toxic chemicals worldwide.


Best Buy


CD Recycling Center




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