Self Care Tips For When You're on Your Period

Periods, to put it bluntly, are terrible.  Other than the reassurance we won’t be accidental parents, there is no benefit.  Props to the acne and bloating to make you feel even cuter than average.  This is my attempt to make some sort of light of an inevitable and incredibly annoying situation.

    As an endometriosis sufferer, my periods hurt like nothing else, like I’m shedding all of my innards.  As a result I sort of shift my period into a period of detox to take a break and listen to my body.  Maybe it won’t work for you, but I’m trying, alright?

    Step 1: Prep.

    Honestly, what better motivation than food? Before it comes (if you don’t know when Aunt Flo is coming, I feel you.  Call your gynecologist because that really isn’t normal and you deserve to have it fixed) go harness your supplies.  Get your tampons, check your painkiller supply, get some of your favorite snacks, bath salts if you want them, and, I cannot stress this enough, some healthy food and tea.  If you’re blessed with period breakouts, treat yourself with some spot treatment or buy a face mask.  Knowing you’re prepared for the horror that comes next will bring you some peace of mind.  Dredge up any of those responsibilities you’ve been avoiding, because I know there’s something and get them done.  Pay your bills.  Clean your apartment.  Use it as a reset.  Since we have to suffer as a result of being born like this, we might as well make light of it, huh?

    Step 2: Make Health a Priority.

    EXERCISE DOES HELP.  Nobody actually likes to work out but if NOTHING else the agony of running might ground you and distract you from the war within your uterus.  Endorphins are your friend.  Might as well get swole when you ugly.  And you might feel a little less guilty about all the ice cream you’re eating.

    Step 3: Chill.

    SELF CARE IS IMPORTANT.  Go out if that’s your thing, but maybe you want to cancel plans.  Get in the bath, and exfoliate.  Plan out your coming month.  Get your papers done, maybe do some yoga.  Take care of yourself when it feels like a shark is chewing through your torso.  Netflix binging is more okay now than any other time.


    If you make this annoyance about food and relaxation maybe it won’t suck as much? Try it and give me feedback.