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Rising Senior Rachel Geffrey Begins Second Year as Creative Writing Club President

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chatham chapter.

HC Chatham: What’s your year and major?

Rachel Geffrey: I’m a rising senior majoring in Creative Writing with minors in Psychology and Women’s Studies.

What all student organizations are you involved with? I hold various officer positions with the Creative Writing Club, the Minor Bird, and Sigma Tau Delta. I’m also involved with Relay for Life and Mortar Board.

What made you want to get involved with CWC? I came in with my major already declared, but even if I hadn’t, or had declared a different major, I knew I wanted to write and meet other writers. CWC seemed like a great way to meet  students who shared my passion, as well as get to know some upperclassmen who could show me the ropes.

What’s something you did this year with CWC that you’re most proud of? We started what will hopefully be a new tradition of senior readings. I love the Rea Coffeehouse Reading Series and it seems like the campus does, too, but we can’t highlight all of the seniors at those two events. We have so many amazing writers at Chatham and by senior year people tend to end up really close from their workshops, classes, and everything else that happens on campus. We wanted to give them one more chance to present their work and celebrate together.

What made you choose Chatham? I love the community and the campus. I’ve lived in Pittsburgh my whole life and never knew about our little oasis here until my junior year of high school. When I came for my junior visit day, I don’t think I even made it out of the car before I knew Chatham felt like home. The students I met and the professors I spoke to were so welcoming that I couldn’t stay away if I wanted to.

What’s your favorite thing about Chatham? The people I have met here are so incredible. I’ve made some friendships that I know I’ll take with me after I graduate and between my professors and some of our guest speakers I have found some great mentors.

Indigo Baloch is the HC Chatham Campus Correspondent. She is a junior at Chatham University double majoring in Creative Writing and Journalism and double minoring Graphic Design and an Asian Studies Certificate. Indigo is a writer and Editorial Assistant at Maniac Magazine and occasionally does book reviews for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. She is also the Public Relations Director for The Mr. Roboto Project (a music venue in Pittsburgh) and creates their monthly newsletter. During her freshman and sophomore year, Indigo was the Editor-in-Chief of Chatham's student driven newsprint: Communique. Currently, on campus, Indigo is the Communications Coordinator for Minor Bird (Chatham's literary magazine), the Public Relations Director for Chatham's chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, and a Staff Writer and Columnist for Communique. She has worked as a Fashion Editorial Intern for WHIRL Magazine, and has been a featured reader at Chatham's Undergraduate Reading Series and a featured writer in Minor Bird. She loves art, music, film, theater, writing, and traveling.