Rising Senior Mimi Astle Breathes New Life into Chatham Scholars

HC Chatham: What's your year and major?

Mimi Astle: Class of 2018 Psychology Major

What student organizations are you involved with?

Scholars, SAB, Pre-Med Club, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Drama Club

What made you want to get involved with SAB?

When I was first applying for the scholars program, my Chatham admissions counselor spoke highly of the sisterhood within scholars, especially how everyone hung out frequently and often had scholars movie nights. When I came to Chatham as a first year scholar, we didn't really have this. By the end of the year I was really passionate about involvement and Dr. MacNeil suggested I talk to the current SAB director because I would fit in well 

What's something you did this year with SAB that you're most proud of?

I'm really proud of the pad-sewing event we hosted with Days for Girls and Pauline Juliet. It was really great to have different work stations so people could do something they were interested in (like sewing or learning to sew) or something small that they could spend five minutes working on because they had other commitments. Even though the turnout was a bit small, everyone was interested in the process and most people said they would love to see this again which warmed my heart. We were also pretty productive in a short amount of time

What made you choose Chatham?

I chose Chatham when my high school offered a scholarship opportunity and, being the opportunistic junior that I was, I applied because I wanted my mom to see that I had not only started looking into schools, but I was already thinking about scholarships (note: I had never even heard of Chatham prior to that day and I remember Googling it to see where it was). When I went to campus for a visit day, it was amazing and I pretty much fell in love instantly. I was set to visit another school the next morning and I didn't even go because of how great my Chatham visit was.

What's your favorite thing about Chatham?

Chatham provides a really strong community; I appreciate that professors have open door policies and will talk with you whenever you need them, Chatham goes really hard for event planning so there's always a lot to do, and you can probably at least recognize everyone in your classes