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Riley St. Clair

Riley St. Clair

Year: 2017

What is your major and how did you choose it?

Undecided- I want to be a health professional but I don’t know which direction to go.

What’s your hometown and what do you love about it?

My hometown is Kensington, MD. I love how close it is to Washington, DC. It is so nice to be able to spend a Saturday biking down the Capital Crescent Trail into the city to get cupcakes, have a picnic or go to a museum.

What is your favorite holiday treat?

Hot cinnamon marshmallow sticky buns are the best holiday treat.

What was your childhood dream job?

I wanted to be either a helicopter pilot or a nurse.

What’s your current dream job?

If I could teach meditation and yoga full-time some day, that would be the dream.

  Mara Flanagan is entering her seventh semester as a Chapter Advisor. After founding the Chatham University Her Campus chapter in November 2011, she served as Campus Correspondent until graduation in 2015. Mara works as a freelance social media consultant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She interned in incident command software publicity at ADASHI Systems, gamification at Evive Station, iQ Kids Radio in WQED’s Education Department, PR at Markowitz Communications, writing at WQED-FM, and marketing and product development at Bossa Nova Robotics. She loves jazz, filmmaking and circus arts.  
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