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A Real-Life Wallflower: Logan Lerman Steals the Screen

The very best and brightest stars seem to appear from nowhere, and the same can be said for Logan Lerman. He is known as a focused and talented young actor who has worked alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including Jim Carrey and Christian Bale. In 2010, director Chris Columbus described the always-professional artist as “a forty-five-year-old actor in a seventeen-year-old body.” The now twenty-year-old Lerman started working in Hollywood in the 90s and soon took small roles in films, such as The Patriot and The Butterfly Effect, before getting a lead role in the WB series Jack and Bobby.

Starring in the Pittsburgh-set indie drama The Perks of Being a Wallflower, it seems that Lerman may finally have made his mark. The enormous praise of critics and audiences alike met the film at its debut. Although the actor is not yet a household name, he may very well be after this success. Originally screened only in a limited number of theaters, it had its national release on October 5th. With its witty characters (including Lerman as the troubled protagonist Charlie), moving storyline, and undeniable quirky charm, the movie is sure to be – like Lerman – an unexpected favorite.

Even so, this isn’t his first starring role! If you can’t get enough of this new lead, be sure to check out his other films. From thrillers to comedies to fantasy features, there’s a movie for everyone. Whether you’re looking for adventure, drama, or pure fun, these movies are sure to delight, entertain, and maybe even inspire. There are indeed perks of being a wallflower, and, although it may not involve huge paychecks, it is revealing Lerman as one of Tinseltown’s greatest hidden treasures.


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