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Never Miss an Episode of iQ: smartparent

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chatham chapter.

Whether you’re a babysitter, a student teacher, a parent, an older sibling or a camp counselor, taking care of kids in a technology-saturated society is challenging. WQED created iQ: smartparent to help caregivers master digital culture and make the best decisions for the children in their lives.

Miss an episode? You can catch up on all of them by visiting the iQ: smartparent website!

Learning with Games

From Angry Birds to Xbox, the video game industry is constantly churning out content and consoles to capture kids’ attention. Learn the ins-and-outs of good gaming with the first iQ: smartparent episode, “Learning with Games.”

Host: Dr. Deborah Gilboa


Jesse Schell, Founder of Schell Games and former Creative Director of the Disney Imagineering Virtual Reality Studio

Nikki Navta, CEO of Zulama

Dr. Brian Primack, Associate Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, and Clinical and Translational Science at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Campbell, Drew, Justin and Connor, video game designers from the Seneca Valley School District

Girls Growing Up with Media

Girls are routinely criticized, sexualized and diminished in the media. Find out what to do about it on “Girls Growing Up with Media.”

Host: Dr. Deborah Gilboa


M. Gigi Durham, Ph.D., author of The Lolita Effect and professor at the University of Iowa

Rebecca Gaynier, Founder of iTwixie.com

Jennifer Stancil, Executive Director of Educational Partnerships at WQED Multimedia

Health, Wellness and Technology

Get screen time without spending hours on the sofa. “Health, Wellness and Technology” shows that apps and other innovations can make living well much easier (and a lot more fun!).

Host: Dr. Deborah Gilboa


Kara S. Hughan, MD, Division of Endocrinology at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

Jacqueline Ely, RD, LDN, Registered Dietitian and Nutritional Counselor at the Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center

Richard V. Piacentini, Executive Director of Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Adriane Harrison, Grants and HR Administrator for Venture Outdoors

Christine Robins, CEO of BodyMedia, Inc.

Tune In, Tune Out

Watching TV mindlessly is dangerous. Teach children to be thoughtful, informed viewers with tips from “Tune In, Tune Out.”

Host: Angela Santomero


Dr. Deborah Gilboa, MD, Board Certified Family Physician and professional parenting speaker and writer

Steven Martino, Ph.D., behavioral scientist at RAND Corporation

Alice Wilder, Ed.D., Chief Content Officer for Speakaboos and Co-Creator and Head of Research and Education for Super Why

Emmai Alaquiva, Emmy Award-winning producer, entrepreneur and mentor

Tots + Tech

Toddlers may get a kick out of painting on an iPad or cuddling under a blanket for Saturday morning cartoons, but is it safe? Find out by watching “Tots + Tech.”

Host: Angela Santomero


Dr. Deborah Gilboa, MD, Board Certified Family Physician and professional parenting speaker and writer

Lisa Guernsey, director of the Early Education Initiative at the New America Foundation

Michael Robb, Director of Education and Research at the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media

Deborah Linebarger, Associate Professor at the University of Iowa, College of Education

Like, Follow, Share

Social media may be a great way to stay in touch with buddies, but it poses a huge risk to kids. Learn how to help children stay safe and stay smart with “Like, Follow, Share.”

Host: Angela Santomero


Deborah Gilboa, MD, Board Certified Family Physician and professional parenting speaker and writer

Caroline Knorr, Common Sense Media’s parenting editor

Kelly Kochamba, Primary Media Representative and Community Outreach Specialist for the FBI Pittsburgh Field Office

Rick Wallace, Director of Special Operations/Global-National Security Analyst at Tiversa, Inc.

Apps, Gaps, and the Digital Divide

Socioeconomic status shouldn’t determine access to technology, but it often does. Learn how the gap may be starting to close with “Apps, Gaps, and the Digital Divide.”

Host: Angela Santomero


Dr. Michael H. Levine, Founding Director of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center

Derek Lomas, Ph.D. student in the Human-Computer Interactions Institute at Carnegie Mellon University

Nicolas Jaramillo, Director of the Hilltop YMCA Computer Center in Pittsburgh, PA

Aiding Autism

Technology can significantly help children with autism and other special needs. “Aiding Autism” will explain how.

Host: Angela Santomero


Dr. Carla Mazefsky, licensed clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Brett Spitale, Executive Director of the Autism Speaks Greater PA Chapter

Aubrey Shick, founder and CEO of Origami Robotics


  Mara Flanagan is entering her seventh semester as a Chapter Advisor. After founding the Chatham University Her Campus chapter in November 2011, she served as Campus Correspondent until graduation in 2015. Mara works as a freelance social media consultant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She interned in incident command software publicity at ADASHI Systems, gamification at Evive Station, iQ Kids Radio in WQED’s Education Department, PR at Markowitz Communications, writing at WQED-FM, and marketing and product development at Bossa Nova Robotics. She loves jazz, filmmaking and circus arts.