The Lost Art of Crochet

Many times, anytime yarn is used to transform into an article of clothing it is classified as the act of knitting. This is a common misconception, since knitting is more commonly known about. Knitting uses 2 needles and makes a different pattern than crochet, which uses a single hook. Both can be very relaxing, and helpful when distressing from the craziness of college life.  
Especially with the holidays coming up, crocheting can produce some easy and inexpensive gifts. A ball of yarn can cost anywhere between two and six dollars at craft stores and places like Walmart (and you can still get nice yarn). With this batch of yarn, you can make a lovely handmade scarf, hat, pair of mittens, or whatever else you can come up with. If you want to go on an even grander scale, you could make an afghan. Obviously this will require much more yarn, but a blanket made with care is something your loved ones will keep forever.  
This is a craft that could be practiced in a sustainable way, as well. You could buy organic and fair-trade materials. You could also make use of all your scraps and vow to create as little waste, and the most art, as possible. For instance, I will be using the leftover yarn from the scarf I am making for a magnificent woman I know to make a miniature version for her granddaughter.  hen they can be matching when they go out in the winter weather, and I have wasted little to no material or money!
Do you like to knit or crotchet? Tell us in the comments below!