Just to Clarify – a Review of Lush’s Latest Wobbly Creation


photo from Lush.uk


Lush Cosmetics has been a favorite for the environmentally conscious beauty consumer for years. With sustainable, recycled packaging, all natural ingredients, and fairly reasonable prices, Lush has become a go-to of mine to find skincare products that are good for me and the environment! In its most recent launch, Lush introduced the very first line of Jelly Masks. These masks are super unique in that they’re a jelly consistency, similar to the jelly soaps that Lush also carries. As stated from the Lush website, “Loaded with a high concentration of natural ingredients, jelly face masks feature lots of fruit suspended in a hydrating carrageenan base giving each one a squidgy texture.” Lush managed to sell me on this product just from their Instagram posts, highlighting the unique consistency and wide range of types and uses for different skin concerns, and I couldn’t resist testing out one of these wobbly masks.

    When I went to my local Lush store, they only had 3 of the 5 jelly masks currently offered – Just to Clarify, an exfoliating mask with papaya and bamboo, Bunny Moon, a hydrating honey mask, and FOMO, a calming mask with rose water. The other two masks, 1000 Millihelens, a detoxing mask with green tea, and Birth of Venus, a toning mask with seaweed and lavender, were actually the two that I was most interested to try. Despite my initial disappointment, I ended up buying the Just to Clarify mask for a reasonable 14 dollars and left the smell-good haven to try my new product.

    After double-cleansing and toning my skin, I decided to use the mask! When first opening, the intense smell of papaya is immediately noted, which is a great thing if you like fragrances, but overwhelming if you prefer your skincare unscented. The mask is a pretty, vibrant orange, and is topped with three papaya seeds. To use the mask, you’re supposed to take a small chunk of the jelly and rub it around in your hands until you create a paste, and then apply it to your face. I only had to use a tiny amount to cover my entire face – so this mask will absolutely last you a long time. Once it was applied, I set my timer for 15 minutes (5 minutes longer than the original 10, because I always wear my masks for longer than recommended) and waited!

    The mask dries slightly over time, though it doesn’t create that tight feeling that many mud masks manage. It was comfortable, and the orange color faded to a dull-off white as it dried. You can definitely tell that it’s an exfoliating mask with the granules on the skin, and there is a small amount of tingling when first applied. After washing the mask off and patting my skin dry, I could immediately tell a difference in my skin! It felt smoother and firmer, and my overall complexation was glowing significantly more than before. The next morning, the effects from the mask were still noticeable, and the glow was consistent throughout the day! Overall, I highly recommend the Lush Just to Clarify jelly mask, both for the entertainment of the jelly itself and for the noticeable effects!

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