I Tried Fenty Lipstick and Honestly, I Wasn't Blown Away Guys

    I have a problem, albeit a common one- I hoard lipsticks and tend to never wear them.  When I do though, I am a diehard Colourpop fan.  I prefer liquid lipstick since I tend to suck at application and theirs are always highly pigmented and stay on with only an application and touch up through the day.  However, during my last trip to Sephora, I was offered a mini Fenty lipstick and I decided to be adventurous and branch out.

    The mini I got was Fenty’s Mattemoiselle lipstick in Griselda.  I have been dying to try something from this line forever but as a broke, cautious college kid, I never exactly had many opportunities.  Luckily for me I had a date coming up that weekend, which meant I had the perfect place to try it!






I had mentioned I was partial to liquid lipsticks.  This thing was kind of hard to get on.  It was especially hard to get my lips symmetrical.  I was applying it directly from the tube like some sort of heathen though, because I don’t own a lip brush.  After some Q-tips and concealer though, I was looking less like a toddler.

Rate: 6/10



OH MY GOD the color is GORGEOUS.  It is so pigmented and a rich, dark red. It can definitely throw your outfit in any direction.  If nothing else, the color of this lipstick is the best thing about it.

Rate: 9/10



It lasted a couple hours. Granted, I was not eating or anything, and my lips are so chapped from the windy Pittsburgh winter.  It just kind of settled into the cracks of my lips and the color really faded.  It didn’t get all over my face or anything thankfully.  It didn’t transfer outside the lip line, just the lipstick itself seemed to settle.

Rate: 5/10


Transfer: You can smooch with it on and it won’t get on them, ha ha!  It doesn’t really transfer onto OTHER things but it likes to hang out in the cracks in your lips.


Rate: 7/10



This was pretty good because it was free. If you turn up your nose at some free makeup who even are you?  However, I’m not sure I would spend $18 on it. It just didn’t like my lips. If Sephora had a weekly wow on it, I’d snap it up.


Has anyone else tried it? Leave a comment! I’d love to know how to make this work better for me.  If I could get it to not smear everywhere on application it would make my life a little brighter.