Five Places Close to Campus to do Your Holiday Shopping

Living in the city provides so many different restaurants, shops, and museums. Living on Chatham campus, we’re only a bus ride away from hubs of activity, but we have a lot just a walking distance away from campus. My personal favorite, which is only a 15 minute walk away, is Walnut Street. Here is a list of a few shops on Walnut Street that are super great and/or convenient.


  1. Kards Unlimited


Most everyone who goes to Chatham will end up shopping at Kards Unlimited at least once during their time here. Full of funny cards, books about diversity, and gag gifts, anyone can find at least one thing they like.


  1. Sephora


For me, having a Sephora this close is both a blessing and a curse. It is nice that whenever my eyeliner is seeming dry or my eyebrow pencil is winding down, it’s always there for me to swing by.


  1. Kawaii Shop


The Kawaii Shop just recently moved (it’s around the corner from Starbucks now), but it’s still just as cute. There are uniquely shaped stress balls in there that are absolutely adorable and suitable for the college student life. They have every variation of cute stuffed animal, and I always feel the urge to get a new one every time I go.


  1. Francesca’s


Although a little overpriced (isn’t everything in Shadyside?), Francesca’s always has the cutest clothing and accessories and this one is no different. There is always a wide selection of mini book bags there, cute scrunchies and cool holiday themed items. I only go in there when I know I can afford to get at least something.


  1. Apple


As one of the only Apple stores in Pittsburgh, it’s shockingly convenient that it’s so close. If anything goes wrong with your Apple devices just go here, but make sure to come and expect to wait (believe me, I’ve been there). The people there are very helpful though, and it has everything Apple related that you’d be looking for!