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Delaney Keil

Delaney Keil
Year: Junior
Hometown and what you love about it: Half my life, I lived in Philadelphia. The other half of my life, I lived in Boyertown, Pennsylvania. I loved living in Philadelphia because my family was so close to one another. Boyertown never really grew on me. It can be scenic but that’s all it has going for it. 
Area of study and how you chose it: I’m a double major in criminology and psychology. I came to Chatham with the intention of just being a psych major, because I wanted to help people. I wanted to work with teenagers and young adults struggling with depressive disorders. As for criminology, I didn’t know that was a major option until I took Criminology 101 my first semester. I added it immediately. I’ve always had this weird fascination with mystery and crime, particularly unsolved cases, which I blame entirely on my grandmother. I remember watching Dateline and America’s Most Wanted with her as a little kid. I also had this weird obsession with all things Nancy Drew, which grew into an obsession with crime shows like Criminal Minds and Bones as I grew up.
What organizations are you involved with at Chatham/what roles do you have in them? 
I’m a barista at Café Rachel, but that is about it. I spend most of my time there. 
What is one thing you hope to learn in 2015? 
I’d like to learn to be a better cook since I try to avoid eating at Anderson. 
Why did you choose Chatham? 
Chatham was actually the only school I applied to. I took some online college placement test through my high school, and Chatham showed up as my 2nd best match, next to Duquesne. After touring the campus and hearing about the psychology program, I was sold. 
What advice do you have for prospective students making their college decision?
Definitely look around at other colleges, and apply to more than one. I did not do that, and while I’m relatively happy with my decision to choose Chatham, it’s better to shop around. 
Childhood Dream Job: Author
Current Dream Job: Working with and counseling juvenile delinquents (and probably still being an author).
If you could only eat at one Pittsburgh restaurant for a full year, which one would you pick and why? 
Chipotle! I know it isn’t unique to Pittsburgh, but I never had Chipotle before moving to Pittsburgh, because there aren’t anywhere near where I live. 
If you could be best friends with any movie character, who would you pick and why?
Ludo, from Labyrinth, because he reminds me of a big overgrown puppy. 
If you could join the cast of any TV show, which one would you pick and why? 
Criminal Minds because being part of a BAU would be absolutely amazing, especially if I got to work with Spencer Reid. 
You have a friend visiting Pittsburgh for one day, and you're planning the itinerary. Where do you take them? 
Probably to do typical Pittsburgh things, like the Incline (at night!), the Carnegie Museum, and just walking around downtown because I like the city.
You can live in the world of one book for a day. Which one do you choose and why?
Definitely the world of Harry Potter. While one day at Hogwarts would not be nearly enough, it would be wonderful to experience the magic.  
All photos courtesy of Delaney Keil.


Indigo Baloch is the HC Chatham Campus Correspondent. She is a junior at Chatham University double majoring in Creative Writing and Journalism and double minoring Graphic Design and an Asian Studies Certificate. Indigo is a writer and Editorial Assistant at Maniac Magazine and occasionally does book reviews for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. She is also the Public Relations Director for The Mr. Roboto Project (a music venue in Pittsburgh) and creates their monthly newsletter. During her freshman and sophomore year, Indigo was the Editor-in-Chief of Chatham's student driven newsprint: Communique. Currently, on campus, Indigo is the Communications Coordinator for Minor Bird (Chatham's literary magazine), the Public Relations Director for Chatham's chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, and a Staff Writer and Columnist for Communique. She has worked as a Fashion Editorial Intern for WHIRL Magazine, and has been a featured reader at Chatham's Undergraduate Reading Series and a featured writer in Minor Bird. She loves art, music, film, theater, writing, and traveling.
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