Changing Seasons and Changing Skincare

As summer comes to a close and the chill of winter starts showing up in the forecast, it’s best to trade shorts for leggings, flip-flops for boots, and sunglasses for scarves! This transition doesn't just happen with what we wear, but how we take care of our skin. With colder, drier months, the skincare routine you may have used in the summer won’t fair as well in the new season!

    In the summer, the main concern for our skin is normally under oil control. Humidity and sweat can clog your pores and produce more oil, leaving us with breakouts! Sun can also have a huge effect on the state of our skin, and leave us with sunspots, sunburn, and premature aging. However, as the cooler months roll around, our skin concerns change considerably. The colder air can bring dryness and flakiness to previously moisturized skin, and the overall tone can become dull with the lack of sun and time spent outside. I have three staples for the fall and winter months that I use to keep my skin feeling moisturized and healthy as the needs change, and incorporating something similar into your routine can keep your skin glowing, too!

    Firstly, I make sure that I am using an exfoliating mask at least once a week! Exfoliating can help lift the dead layers of skin on our faces, and reveal a brighter complexion underneath! My personal favorite exfoliating mask is the GlamGlow Flashmud, which is infused with Betulin, Betulinic Acid & Ellagic Acid to even out skintone! This mask is perfect for when your skin is just feeling unhealthy! An affordable dupe for this mask would be the Sheamoisture’s Coconut and Hibiscus Radiance Mud Mask, which hosts similar ingredients, and can be found at Target for 14.99!

    Another product I always keep on hand for the skincare routine transition is Korres Greek Yogurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial. Even my combination/oily skin can get dehydrated as fall comes around, and this facial does wonders to moisturize overnight without the heavy, sticky feeling! The cream has several super-charged proteins and vitamins to instantly nourish skin. By morning, I wake up with smoother, softer skin, and have a glow that lasts all day!

    Lastly, a great product to keep stocked up on as winter rolls around are sheet masks. Sheet masks are far better for your skin than normal cream and mud masks, especially when containing harsher ingredients, like charcoal. Drying masks can make skin problems worse especially around the colder months, but sheet masks can have the same effect with less detrimental effects! Sheet masks are also very affordable and can be specified to specific skin concerns.

    Overall, as the seasons begin to change, I suggest shifting your skincare routine to follow suit! Implementing some of the products shown above can keep your skin feeling healthy, radiant, and prepared for the winter chill.