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5 Empowering YouTube Channels to Follow

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chatham chapter.

We’ve selected five YouTube channels delivering a daily (or weekly, or monthly) dose of empowerment. Follow them and be inspired!

She’s the First

An organization dedicated to supporting girls’ education in the developing world, She’s the First is a favorite organization of Her Campus. Over the past two years, HC Chatham teamed up with the Muslim Student Association to send money to girls in Guatemala and South Sudan. Their YouTube channel will help you learn how to contribute to their work while introducing you to many of the extraordinary girls they sponsor.

Feminist Frequency

Anita Sarkeesian, the woman behind Feminist Frequency, visited Chatham during the 2012 Media & Social Change Conference. Her Damsel in Distress takes aim at video games, but her channel is packed with excellent analysis of everything from LEGOs to The Hunger Games.

The Representation Project

If you loved the screening of Miss Representation the Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics hosted on campus (or wish you could’ve made it), this is a YouTube channel you’ll want to watch. Offering insightful commentary on the portrayal of women in the media, The Representation Project is on a mission of empowerment.

Strong Women, Strong Girls

A favorite organization of many Chatham women, Strong Women, Strong Girls gives students the tools to be advocates. We love their Q&A with Windsor Hanger, one of the founders of Her Campus!

Global Fund for Women

The Global Fund for Women gives female leaders the resources they need to sustain organizations dedicated to human rights.

  Mara Flanagan is entering her seventh semester as a Chapter Advisor. After founding the Chatham University Her Campus chapter in November 2011, she served as Campus Correspondent until graduation in 2015. Mara works as a freelance social media consultant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She interned in incident command software publicity at ADASHI Systems, gamification at Evive Station, iQ Kids Radio in WQED’s Education Department, PR at Markowitz Communications, writing at WQED-FM, and marketing and product development at Bossa Nova Robotics. She loves jazz, filmmaking and circus arts.