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5 Cool Things to Do with Your Ashes After You Die

    Most of us probably don’t think regularly about what happens after we die, and when the question does arise, we normally only consider the spiritual aspect. What about the physical aspect? What should we do with our bodies when we perish? Interestingly, there are many options for your meat vessel after it has finished its Earthly journey. Cremation has become increasingly popular in the United States for money-saving and convenience reasons, mostly. Within cremation, there are even more unique options for the final destination of your ashes. Here are a few neat ways of memorializing your life and making your death less somber postmortem.




1. Turn your ashes into a vinyl

Andvinyly will press your ashes into a fully playable record for £3000 (approx. $4,163.67). Your record can include up to 24 minutes of music, a vocal recording, or just silence.


Who would love this: everyone who listens to music, so virtually everyone.


2. Embed your ashes in diamond

Heart in Diamond allows you to embed ashes or hair in the heart of a diamond that’s “as unique as you are.” Prices range from $750-$19,845, and family packages are available, which is kind of cute, actually.


Who would love this: Paris Hilton and anyone who loves shiny things.


3. Turn your ashes into a tree

Bios Urn gives you the option of purchasing an Urn or Incube in order to grow a tree outdoors or indoors, respectively. With the help of your ashes, the tree breed of your choosing (from the list on their website) develops within a biodegradable urn. Eventually, you are converted into a big and beautiful piece of nature. Prices range from $145-$550.

Who would love this: tree huggers and those with green thumbs.


4. Launch your ashes into space

For $1,295-$12,500, Celestis: Memorial Spaceflights will send your remains into outer space. There are four different voyages you can take: round trip from Earth to space and back again, launched into Earth’s orbit, launched into the moon’s orbit or onto its surface, or launched into deep space.


Who would love this: Neil deGrasse Tyson and anyone who is out of this world.


5. Put your ashes in tattoo ink

Many tattoo shops will mix your ashes into tattoo ink for a loved one. These are called ritual or commemorative tattoos. The procedure is supposedly sterile and poses no more health risks than a regular tattoo.


Who would love this: ink enthusiasts and probably anyone who listens to alt rock.

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