10 Times Eleanor from The Good Place Summed up the Beginning of the Semester

10. When she questioned who gave Aristotle any power anyway

9. When you realize the syllabus is sixteen pages long and you’ll actually have to show up for class

This is fine. Everything is fine.

8. When your friend is having a breakdown and classes haven’t even started yet


7. When you’re trying to convince yourself that this time you’ll actually study


6. When you start wondering if maybe you should drop out to become a goat herder


5. When you’re about to get lit and then remember there’s a paper due in your 8am


4. When the Imposter Syndrome starts getting you

3. When you turn in your first paper



2. When you have to explain why you’re already failing one week in



  1. Walking into your first test



And a bonus for when you somehow survive this semester, just like you’ve survived every other one



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