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YouTubers Whose Lives You Must Watch

YouTuber: Carli Bybel


Why: We know, there are a million self-proclaimed “makeup gurus” online. YouTube should basically change its name to “TutorialTube.” But Carli Bybel is LEGIT. Kylie Jenner herself invited Carli to her lip gloss launch party. Enough said. 

YouTuber: Nikki Blackketter


Why: Nikki Blackketter proves to the ladies they don’t need to limit themselves to the treadmill…or the elliptical and bicycle machine. Watch Nikki’s videos as proof that women can touch weights and not come out looking like 2016 Zac Efron.

YouTuber: Jenna Marbles

Focus: SILLY 


Why: So before you say Jenna Marbles is so middle school, check out her channel. Over the years of YouTube stardom, Jenna’s videos have gotten a little fancier — like a trip to Kylie Jenner’s house. Of course, she still uploads videos of her dogs and that one that looks like Snoop Dog.  

YouTuber: Julien Solomita

Focus: Silly + Relationship Goals


Why: Another change to Jenna Marbles’ life: her (kind of) new boo! Jenna Marbles’ boyfriend, Julien Solomita, also has his own channel featuring equally quirky videos. HE ALSO WENT TO CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY. 

YouTuber: Gabriella DeMartino

Focus: Beauty + Fun Vlogs

Why: Gabriella DeMartino wins the prize for cutest YouTube channel EVER. Gabriella’s YouTube page is a splash of pink and Chanel. The girly YouTuber also posts fun vlogs, like her recent “clog” (a college vlog.)

YouTuber: John Green and Hank Green

Focus: Witty Humor

Why: John Green dominates the written world, and his brother Hank Green has an equal stake in the online community! If you are having major LOL-withdrawals from Looking For Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines, then you need to watch the Green brothers on their vlog.

Talents: Spending money on skirts and burgers
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