Your Guide to Halloween Dorm Decor

The inside of your dorm may have had a theme since move-in day, but don’t you want to stand out against the hundreds of questionably colored doors (who thought lime green was a good idea in any interior design project)? You have to decorate for holidays. How else is your dorm going to become internet famous? Here are a few simple ways to spice up your dorms' outward appearance:


Get pop cultured and add a zombie reference.


Take a tip from my dorm window and use Post-It notes to recreate horror movie characters.


Not into the spooky side of fall but still want to be festive? Relive your childhood.



Did you buy a Costco package of toilet paper and don’t have room in your dorm? Wrap your door like it’s dead!


Want to save time and decorate for Halloween and Christmas?  Pick a character from the Nightmare before Christmas.


There is one obvious way to make use of that neon green.


Don’t want people disturbing your sleep? Turn your dorm entrance into a crime scene.



Play around with shadows! Any character can come to life against the neon doors, or even windows, if you give them a shadow, especially the original shadow: the Oogie Boogie!