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Why You Should Live In The Now

You are young and able. Do everything you want to do. Now. Yes, of course save some things for later, but use your energy and vitality in these present moments. Go out and see the world. Immerse yourself in what is different from the bubble of your life. Soak in the pleasures of the simple act of being alive. Do not be afraid to try new things. Try them now before age wears you down.

Do not worry about things from the past. They are over. Do not focus on every little second of your future because it wastes the time you are in now. Just be here. And breathe. Be mindful and you will be happier. Don’t just sit in your room. Talk to people you’ve never spoken to. Reach out to someone you’ve left behind. Embark on a wild adventure. Enjoy your own company because you’re a pretty cool person. Let the sunshine beam through your skin and know that you are lucky to be here now.

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