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Why Lucas Scott Was The Original F*ckboy

One Tree Hill is one of the most iconic early 2000s shows in the history of television – I am not arguing with anyone there. But, I do object to the glorification of supposed teen heartthrob, do-no-wrong Lucas Scott. Lucas Scott is the epitome of a “Fuckboy,” and here is why:

  • He plays himself off as a sensitive, misunderstood, teenage rebel who reads Steinbeck in his free time, when in reality he’s a self-pitying narcissist who gets off playing with people’s emotions (i.e. Brooke and Peyton).
  • He dates Brooke when he’s clearly in love with someone else and then cheats on Brooke with her best friend, Peyton.
  • He continues to play basketball despite his HCM diagnosis, selfishly risking his life. I mean, think of Karen!
  • He leads Lindsey on, knowing he’s in love with Peyton, all the way up until their freaking wedding day before ending it with her. I mean, talk about a fuckboy.

Honestly, thank goodness Lucas left without a trace after season six. He was the Original Fuckboy. Sorry, not sorry.

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