When You're A Jew On Christmas

So Hanukkah is over and your few moments of recognition have ended. Once again everyone is in the Christmas spirit (they were before thanksgiving) and you're wondering how to go about it. Being a jew on Christmas doesn't have to be sad. In fact, there's plenty of great things about it.

For one, what's better than Chinese food on Christmas? Nothing. Nothing is better.

That new movie you wanted to see? There's no better time to enjoy it than on Christmas day when you and your friends are the only ones in the entire theatre.

Feel like you're the only person not getting presents under the tree? Just remember that Drake doesn't get gifts either. Or James Franco. Or Adam Brody. Or Jake Gyllenhaal. Shall I continue?

If you're still feeling a little bummed, remember that you get eight nights of presents. That's seven more than everyone else. Boom.