Wellness Workshop: 6 Ways to Improve Your Wellness in College

  Wellness Workshop: 6 Ways to Improve your Wellness in College Wellness has recently become a popular word to throw around to mean health or happiness. However, wellness is actually both of those things and more! To clear this up, wellness refers to an active state of mind to be conscious of your health in order to pursue a happy and fulfilling lifestyle. This means that you are aware of the state of your physical, social and emotional health of which you are invested in taking steps to improve your life. It is important to reflect on your past and the present to sustain and pursue a life of growth. This may sound like a big task, especially for college students, but starting your wellness journey will hopefully enhance your natural energy into your life. I have gathered six quick ways to start investing yourself in your well-being! 1. Take time for yourself! ☆ As a college student, life is fast and stressful. Take time to go on a walk or have a relaxing day to check in on yourself. 2. Declutter! ☆ Clean off the surfaces in your room and put stuff away, even if it is just going to be shoved under your bed! ☆ Organize all your thoughts into lists and notes so you can have a clear head throughout the day. 3. Set goals! ☆ We’ve learned how best to set goals for ourselves through academics, sports, or other hobbies. After checking up on yourself and decluttering, rewrite those goals you have for life and for your health to refocus your energy into achieving those goals. 4. Change up your routine! ☆ Whether it is your workout routine or makeup routine, do something spontaneous to refresh and energize your mentality. 5. Reconnect! ☆ Text your mom, your dad, your sibling, your friend or anyone you haven’t talked to in awhile. 6. Smile more! ☆ Just do it! Smiling can elevate your mood and enhance your overall well-being.

 As college students, it is important for us to check up on ourselves just like we would for a friend in need. Your wellness journey will make a difference in your life because you are in charge of tailoring it to best fit your lifestyle. I have provide a basic outline for getting started on your wellness but stay tuned while I provide more in-depth tips for each point.