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Ways To Show Your Friends You Care About them

During the annual 89th Academy Awards, many extravagant events took place. But one thing that stood out was Brie Larson congratulating her good friend Emma Stone on her win.

Larson shared the photo, writing, “You know what’s better than winning? Watching your friends win.”

Brie demonstrated just one way you can be an amazing friend: by celebrating their successes as your own. Here are some ways that you can show your friends you love and care about them!

  1. Send them a text (or a funny picture) at the beginning of the day. Perhaps something to do with an inside joke or something you know they will laugh about. Laughing = happiness which = good day!  

  2. Make them a DIY gift. It’s okay if you’re not crafty, it’ll be from the heart! Get some inspiration from Pinterest. It could be a room decoration or something useful in their life (Example: file organizer).  

  3. Let them choose where they want to eat for that meal. Going out for lunch? Let them choose their favorite restaurant, and next time you can choose! Good food = good mood.  

  4. Even when you’re mad at them, don’t talk smack about them. It’s definitely hard not to talk down about someone you’re upset with, especially if you’re close with them because you expect more. But even in the lows of friendship, don’t talk down because you guys will most likely get over it within a few days. Let the fight blow through and apologize to each other when ready.  

  5. Call them – especially if you don’t see them often! It’s much more meaningful to hear someone’s voice rather than just read a text by them. OR take it a step up and FaceTime them.  

  6. Listen to them when they are ranting. Sometimes, your friend may just need to rant to let out the steam so just listen, even if you think they’re being ridiculous. Simply being there for them goes a long way.  

  7. Spy on the guy/girl they have their eye on and report back to them what you’ve found out! Who else is going to investigate whether that guy/girl is good enough for them? Especially in college where parents aren’t around to make sure.  

  8. Take candid photos of them. Walking around a cute little town? SNAP. Petting a puppy? SNAP. Eating a taco? SNAP. Sleeping with half-eaten pizza on chest? SNAP. These’ll be great memories that you’ll both treasure forever.  

  9. Be honest with your opinions when shopping. Obviously don’t be blunt or rude with your opinions, but have their best interest at heart and kindly suggest they try a different dress on. Something that’ll make them look FIERCE. Also, this honesty trend should be with everything. Tell them not what they want to hear but what they need to hear, especially when they seek advice.    

  10. Give them a hug. Whether they’re happy or sad, sometimes you just need a hug.  

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