Thoughts You Have While Waiting in Line at the Chapman Starbucks

1. I am going to aboslutley die if I don't get caffine within the next hour. *walks to Chapman Starbucks because it's so convenient*

2. *sees how long the line* How in the hell is this line so long?

3. *weighs the pros and cons of waiting in a mile long line* My mind says no but my heart says yes. I’m doing it. JUDGE ME WORLD.

4. I’m pretty sure the line I waited in on Black Friday was shorter than this.

5. Why is everyone dressed so nice. I look like a peasant in this line.

6. Do I embrace fall and order a PSL or stick with the classic vanilla latte? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

7. Is this worth it? What has my life come to? Am I a good person?

8. That girl looks like she has her life together. I wonder what she orders.

9. How has it been 10 minutes already and I’ve barely moved?! This is anarchy.

10. *when its your turn to order* I’m ordering a pastry. I deserve it after waiting in that line. 

11. Did they just call my name? I think they just did... PART LIKE THE RED SEA COMMONERS!

12. This sort of resembles my name, but I’m just going to go with it and assume this is mine.

13. *walks out of Beckman and takes a sip* This is the best moment in my freaking life.