Things That Only Happen At Small Universities

Going to a small college is more complicated than you’d think.

With a smaller number of undergraduate students compared to most state universities, your school can often feel like a repeat of high school. Though there are some negative aspects of a small liberal arts school, there are also a lot of benefits that can be easy to forget.


For the most part, you never have to worry about not having a friend on campus.

With a smaller student population and campus size, you’re bound to find someone to hangout with in between classes. There are usually a couple freindly faces that can be easily spotted in the Student Union or on your way to class. 

You probably aren’t able to go anywhere without saying hi to at least five people.

On your walk to class, the library, or the Starbucks down the street, it’ll be difficult to avoid human contact. From friends, classmates, and the teacher who loves you, be prepared to make multiple stops throughout every one of your strolls.


The possibility of seeing your one-night-stand again is incredibly high.

Maybe it was only meant to happen once, but it is inevitable that you’ll run into each other again. You can avoid reflecting on what happened, but you can’t avoid the awkward eye contact; it’s pretty much impossible.

You’re on a first name basis with your professors.

This is something incredibly unique about going to a smaller, private university. You become friends with your favorite teachers, most of them whom even prefer to be called by their first name. The closeness and comfortable atmoshpere in the classroom make going to class actually enjoyable. Plus, the personal connections that you’re able to make open many opportunites for your future career.  


You know almost everyone in your major.

Your classes usually consist of the same people, especially if there are less people with the same major. You never lack freinds in class or people to study with.  

You hear a lot about everything that happens.

News and drama both spread quickly through small schools, which isn't always a good thing. 


Going to a small school can be an experience unlike any other, but let’s be real - you wouldn’t want it any other way.