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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapman chapter.

Spring is always the ultimate season of new trends within the fashion world. However, it is also a time to bring back old trends and build off of them, ultimately making for an even better look. Here are some trends that can be seen throughout Spring 2018 that are making a comeback:

1. Newsboy Caps / Berets

Newsboy caps are not just for newsboys anymore! Newsboy caps along with berets are making a major comeback this season.

2. Go-Go Boots

Travel back in time to the 60’s with Go-Go Boots! These super cute boots are making a major comeback in a variety of color–not just white.

3. Neck Scarves

Chic is making a definite comeback with neck scarves! Channel your inner Parisian with this peak couture look.

4. Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Throw out your Ray-Bans, these Cat-Eye Sunglasses are back in! Along with berets and neck scarves, these sunglasses can complete any look.

5. Wind-Breakers

As winter turns to spring, wind-breakers are perfect for keeping warm during light weather.

With all these re-imagined spring looks, go forth and be your best fashionista!